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AMAN Amanikan Luxury Cruise

The charm and intrigue of the Indonesian seas are magnificently brought to life by this 32-metre, custom-built coastal cruiser. With three above-deck cabins, an expansive foredeck with bar for outdoor dining, and world-class diving facilities, Amanikan is equipped for journeys throughout the archipelago.

Called the „morning world”, this island full of mystery and magic stories is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Bali is an island of 1,000 temples and land the LORD considered. Traditional lifestyle in Bali has always been linked to religious faith.

Bali is definitely an island paradise.

We know that Bali has been inhabited since prehistoric times, but the real proof is on the oldest stone tools or pottery vessels from Cekik dating back 3,000 years. There were other items found in Bali and indicating the Bronze Age dating from 300 BC Bali has gone through a period in which the Indians brought the Hindu religion, but a history written about this period is only the ninth century, in the form of stone inscriptions in Brahmi.

Between 1019 and 1042, King Airlangga 16-year-old uncle inherited the throne and led Java for 23 years, becoming one of the most famous kings of Java. After he became king, his mother remarried in Bali and thus became king Airlangga in this island, these links between the two islands, Java and Bali are memorial stones found on the volcano Kawi, near Tampaksiring.

The first Europeans set foot in Bali were Dutch seamen in 1597. After you have spent time in Bali, Cornelius Houtman, the ship captain was ready to leave the island, but most of the crew refused to accompany him.

Bali has specific views picture postcards, palm-fringed white beaches and lush green interior. Dancing, music, wood carvings, paintings and dolls locals describe and celebrate life eternal struggle between „good and evil” – the essence of this Hindu island.

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